Caracolie Christian School

God called Jérémie Christian Mission to begin a school in the impoverished mountain-side community of Caracolie.  We are so thankful that we followed God’s call.  Our first year, God entrusted us with 50 students and each year we continue to grow.  We currently have over 200 students enrolled, and we praise God for each one!

In Haiti, education is not free, each family must pay for their children to attend school.  For this reason, many children are unable to attend school and the cycle of illiteracy continues for generations.  Most of our students who attend Caracolie Christian School are breaking the cycle of illiteracy within their families and it is beyond amazing to witness!  This would not be possible without student sponsors.

Student Sponsorships are a unique opportunity for you to connect personally with one or more of our school students. Education is a gift and privilege here in Haiti and our sponsored students are able to learn and grow because of your generosity!

As a sponsor, you receive multiple letters, updates and surprises from your sponsored student(s) and have the opportunity to correspond directly with them. You are also always welcome to come visit us in Jeremie and meet your student personally!

If you are interested in sponsoring, or if you know someone who may be interested in investing in a year of school for one of our students, please check out our unsponsored students on our Sponsor A Student page.

Sponsorship is a year commitment at $30/month or $360/year. This cost covers all educational materials, classroom time, teacher salaries and all of our students’ meals! 

Thank you for considering to sponsor one of our beautiful students and thank you for your generosity in providing a quality, Christian education for one of the children in the JCM family!