Meet The Charles Family.

Kivins and Sarah Charles both share a deep love for God and the Haitian people.  Kivins is a Jérémie, Haiti native and Sarah’s heart was radically changed when God called her to Haiti in 2006.  From that moment on she would forever be bound to Haiti and its people.  They married in Jérémie, Haiti in 2012 and soon afterward founded Jérémie Christian Mission (JCM).  Kivins is the Executive Pastor at Caracolie Christian Church and JCM Church Planter. He disciples and trains future pastors for the many new church plants they have going on. During the early years, Sarah remained stateside to complete JCM’s not-for-profit paperwork.  She joined her husband on the mission field full-time in 2014.  Sarah continues her Executive Director responsibilities from oversees, as well as supports her husband in all his church ministries. They welcomed their first child this past May, a beautiful baby boy named Grayson! Please help us cover them in prayer as they minister to the country of Haiti!  If you would like to support the Charles family and their ministries you can do so online by clicking the “Support JCM” button in the top right and selecting Kivins and Sarah Charles Support.

Meet The Germeil Family.

Marc Donald and Krista Germeil met for the first time on Christmas Eve, 2011. Krista had prayed to come to Haiti for over 11 years and had finally put her feet on Haitian soil! Marc Donald moved from Port au Prince to Jeremie a few years earlier due to political unrest in the capital. Together, they started a hospital feeding program and a Children’s Bible Storytelling Ministry. They were married in June of 2014 and have two beautiful children, Lucianne and Max. Marc Donald and Krista love the Lord and their passion for their community and the people in it is so evident in their daily interactions and the way they live their lives. Marc Donald serves at JCM as the Director of Staff and Operations and his wife, Krista, helps host and run teams and assists with the elementary school and sponsorship program. We, at JCM, had prayed for many years for help with running the daily ministry and God has answered our prayers through the Germeil family! If you would like to support the Germeil family and their ministries you can do so online by clicking the “Support JCM” button in the top right and selecting Marc Donald and Krista Germeil Support