Meet Our Staff

Without the amazing staff God has blessed us with, Jeremie Christian Mission wouldn’t be able to maintain and expand the ministries taking place this very minute in Jeremie, Haiti. We wouldn’t be able to follow God’s call into new communities and gain new ground. We love what God is doing and continues to do in the lives of each one of our employees. They are spreading The Gospel and impacting hundreds of lives within their community all while being trained and discipled for continued personal and ministry growth. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. Sponsorship of a staff salary does not just impact the life of that individual, it impacts the community as a whole with the Kingdom building work that they are now able to accomplish in Jesus’ name. If you are interested in sponsoring the salary of one or more of our staff, please fill out our staff sponsorship form.

Meet Lovensky Pierre.

Lovensky Pierre is a quiet, serious, friendly and wise 22-year-old man. He was born in a remote countryside called La Tigon outside of Jeremie, Haiti. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We met Lovensky when he came to town, all by himself, to go to school. He and a friend lived in a house made of tarps and sticks. They went many days without food. We invited Lovensky to church and we began to notice his character and felt drawn to him. We invited him over to the Charles home and have worked with him ever since. Jeremie Christian Mission was able to build he and his friend a small house, and after the house was built, two of Lovensky’s other siblings (his 2 sisters) came to live with him as well. One of his sisters is a student at Caracolie Christian Elementary School! Lovensky’s parents still live in La Tigon and Lovensky cares for his siblings in his home in Caracolie. Lovensky loves to work with his hands and is very talented at building and shaping things out of wood. He wants to be a doctor because he loves to help sick people get well. Lovensky’s favorite Bible verse is Mark 9:50. We all love Lovensky and if you meet him in person, you will too! 

Lovensky’s birthday: May 29th

Meet Enide Fredericq.

If you have been to visit us at Jeremie Christian Mission, you have most likely met Madam Enide Fredericq. She cleans the JCM compound and prepares the beds for the teams. She also does laundry and helps cook.  Madam Enide grew up down the street from the JCM compound and she still lives in the same house where she was born. As a young child, she never had the opportunity to go to school past 4thgrade. She has a dream to learn how to read and write. 

Madam Enide and her husband, Benjamin Joseph have 5 lovely children; 4 girls and 1 boy. Madam Enide is a fantastic mother and takes such pride in her children. All of her kids are in school and she makes education a priority for them. Her biggest accomplishment in life would be for all of her children to finish school. We are so grateful to have Madam Enide as a part of the JCM team! 

Madam Enide’s birthday: November 28th

Meet Cupidon Jonatan.

Cupidon is a gentle, kind and very talented man. He was born in the countryside of Pinket on the outskirts of Jeremie, Haiti. He is one of 10 children.  He currently lives with 4 of his brothers in Caracolie, near the JCM Christian Church. Cupidon has a huge passion for all things music and plays many instruments. He is a musician for all of our Jeremie Christian Mission churches. His passion is the guitar and if you hear him play, it’s evident that he is brimming with talent. Cupidon would love to turn his music into a career, but he is unsure if he will be able to succeed. He is currently in construction school as well and has plans to be an engineer that builds and designs houses. His favorite Bible scripture is Psalm 1. He desires to be like that tree planted by the water…Strong in the Lord. We are grateful that Jonatan is a part of the JCM family and that we get to share in the talent that God has given Him. 

Cupidon’s birthday: January 15th

Meet Jean Pierre Chelais.

Jean Pierre Chelais or “Chelais” as he is known at JCM, was born in Grand Versant, a countryside in Jeremie, Haiti. He has 4 siblings, 3 sisters and one brother. Both of Chelais parents are blind. He currently cares for and lives with his mother and all of his siblings. His family struggled for many years to find enough money to pay rent, but a few years ago, a local NGO built them a house and that is where they live now! Chelais wears many hats at JCM. He helps host and translate for our teams, teaches Sunday School at our Morne Beaumont church, and works during the week with the Haitian team at the JCM Compound/Church grounds. Chelais is in his last year of high school and will take the national exam to finish school this year. His dream is to help his mom have a good life and make sure that she lives well. He also wants to be an engineer and help people design beautiful homes. His favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and with his vivacious personality, he is always sharing the truth of this verse with everyone he meets. We are grateful that God put Chelais on the JCM team!

Chelais’s birthday: February 11th

Meet Jean Lourdy Derosier.

Jean Lourdy Derosier is the little brother of Pastor Kivins Charles, one of the founders of Jeremie Christian Mission. Jean Lourdy was born in a beautiful beach town called Dame Marie, about 2 hours from Jeremie. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He currently lives on the JCM compound but has bought land this year and will begin building his own home soon! Jean Lourdy does security for the JCM compound, especially when we have groups. He is also the caretaker when the Charles family travels out of the country. He takes photographs for our sponsorship program and helps coordinate the sponsorship letters that our sponsors receive. He is in his last year of high school and will take the national exam to finish school this year! His dream is to study Agriculture because he loves to cultivate the ground and see things grow. He also has a desire to be married and have a family. His favorite Bible verse is Colossians 3:23 and he is always reminding himself that his work is for the Lord. Jean Lourdy loves Jeremie Christian Mission very much and wants to see it grow to make an even bigger impact in our community. We wouldn’t be who we are without Jean Lourdy and we are grateful for all of his hard work and sacrifice to make JCM what it is today. 

Jean Lourdy’s birthday: December 5th

Meet Daniel Pierre.

Daniel Pierre has been working with JCM for the last 2 years. He is a quiet and reserved guy who doesn’t mind being alone. When we met Daniel, he didn’t have a place to live. Pastor Kivins let him live on the Caracolie Church/School property in exchange for security when no one else is there. Daniel lived on the property for a couple months and never attended church. He is now a member of the church and a full-time staff member at JCM.  Daniel comes from a large family. He has one brother and seven sisters. When he was younger, he did not have the opportunity to go to school- and is now in 6thgrade. He is a hard worker and will do whatever he is asked for JCM. His biggest dream is to continue working with Jeremie Christian Mission and to see it continue to grow. 

Daniel’s Birthday: October 2nd

Meet Bernard Jephte.

Pastor Bernard was born as the 3rdboy in a family of 5 boys. He was born in Chambellan, a river town about 2 hours from downtown Jeremie. When he was born, he was so small that the doctors told his mom to leave him because he would not live. His mother refused to believe that and cared and nourished him until he became big and strong! He currently lives with his mother in Caracolie, near the JCM Caracolie Christian Church. Pastor Bernard is in his second year of Pastor Training school and has two more years to go before he finishes his official Pastor certification. His favorite Bible verse is Psalm 60:13 as he remembers that his help comes from the Lord alone! Pastor Bernard loves the Lord and loves people and that couldn’t be more evident in the way he lives his life. His biggest dream is to be a Certified Pastor and to share the Gospel all over the world. We want to see Pastor Bernard reach this dream as we invest in him and watch what God can do! 

Jephte Bernard or “Pastor Bernard” as he is known around Jeremie Christian Mission is one of our favorite pastors! He is currently leading the Mourne Beaumont church plant and the church is excelling under his care. He also teaches Children’s Church on Sunday evenings. 

Pastor Bernard’s Birthday: September 14th

Meet Jean Ide Antoine.

Jean Ide Antoine (Pastor Ide) is the principal of JCM’s Caracolie Christian Elementary School. He was born in Leon, a town right outside of downtown Jeremie. He is well known and connected in our community. His wife of almost two years recently passed away from kidney failure. When Pastor Ide is not at the Elementary School, he can be found studying for his second year of School Administration. He has one more year left to graduate as a certified School Administrator. We are grateful to help Pastor Ide reach his dream of leading a school that helps change the face of Christian Education in Jeremie, Haiti. His other biggest hope is to remain close to the Lord. Pastor Ide’s favorite chapter in the Bible is Psalm 34. We are blessed to have Pastor Ide helping lead our school and shape JCM’s education in the future. 

Pastor Ide’s Birthday: 

Meet Dieula Andressol Nilo.

Dieula Andressol (Madam Nilo) is a refreshing addition to our JCM Staff. Her and her husband have been faithful church members at our Caracolie Christian Church for many years. Madam Nilo also leads the women’s ministry at Caracolie Christian Church. Her husband is currently the pastor of our church plant in Karfou Maka (Se Maten). During the school year, Madam Nilo helps prepare all of student’s meals. During summer vacation, she helps on the JCM compound by cooking, cleaning and preparing for groups. Her and her husband have 4 children (2 girls and 2 boys) ages 15, 13, 9 and 8. All of her children attend school and love to learn. Her biggest dream is for God to keep her family in Him and to continue to give her strength to raise her children to love and obey Him. 

Madam Nilo’s Birthday: February 6th

Meet Rosemene Charles.

Rosemene Charles is Pastor Kivins older sister. She lives with her husband, James, and three children, two girls and one boy, on the same street as the Jeremie Christian Mission base. Rosemene is a pro in the kitchen and cooks all of our staff meals and all of the group meals as well. She is also responsible for purchasing and cooking all of the food that goes out to our students at Caracolie Christian Elementary School. Rosemene’s biggest dream is for her entire family to honor the Lord with their lives. She also wants to go to hospitality/cooking school to develop her talent even more. Her favorite Bible verse is Exodus 14:14. Our bellies are all happier (and bigger!) because we have Rosemene on the JCM Team. 

Rosemene’s birthday: February 11th

Meet Kenold Moreau.

Kenold Moreau is a kind-hearted servant leader that is friends with everyone. He was born in the riverside town of Chambellan, about 2 hours from Jeremie. He first came to Jeremie when he was 5 months old. He then moved to Port au Price for most of his childhood. After the Earthquake, he came to Jeremie temporarily and decided to stay for good. He started going to church after he had a dream that people from church were praying for him and then gave him a book of worship songs and told him to sing before the Lord. He now leads worship at Caracolie Christian Church and also works with the JCM Staff to host teams and help expand the ministries of JCM. He lives on the church grounds and helps Marc Donald run his small wood business. His favorite Bible verse and life verse is Luke 9:23. We are grateful that God has gifted Kenold with a joyful spirit and that he is a part of our JCM family. 

Kenold’s birthday: January 12

Meet Josie Simon.

Josie Simon was born as one of 14 children in a very remote countryside called Castillon. She grew up a happy child but never had a chance to go to school because of her large family and the location of their home. Regardless, Josie was a favored child and at 10 years old, her parents sent her to live in Jeremie with her Aunt. She was able to attend some school but has yet to finish.  Last year, Josie and her then boyfriend, Osnel had a strong desire to honor the Lord by getting married and they were married at the JCM compound. The day after they were married, Josie was also baptized. Osnel and Josie have three children. Osnel works as a moto taxi driver and Josie is the head custodian and Teacher’s Aide at Caracolie Christian School. She also heads our hospitality team at Caracolie Christian Church. Their biggest dream is for all of their children to finish school and for God to continue to provide for and protect their family. She is grateful that JCM gave her a job that helps her family provide for their needs and pay school for her children. We are grateful to have Josie and her servants heart as a part of the JCM team. 

Josie’s Birthday: May 21st

Meet Jean Egmard Charles.

Jean Egmard Charles, “Pastor Charles”, is the assistant Pastor at Caracolie Christian Church. He is the second in command when Pastor Kivins is traveling. He is also a carpenter and makes beautiful things with wood. He married his sweetheart, Cheri Lela, in August of 2012. They have 3 boys and she is currently pregnant with their 4thchild! Their family has a passion to teach God’s Word and see to others come alive to the truth inside. His favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 and his biggest dream is to live the Great Commission. We are honored to have Pastor Charles serving alongside and leading our JCM church family. 

Pastor Charles Birthday: January 9th

Meet Daniel Clerveau.

Daniel Clerveau or “Maestro Daniel” as he is known at JCM, was born in the mountaintop town of Foud-Rouge near Jeremie, Haiti. He was born to a family who loved their children very much and had a hard time providing for their basic needs. Because of this, Daniel didn’t have a chance to go to school at 4 years old, like the other children he knew. When he was 7, his father decided to move with him and his siblings into the town of Jeremie so that they could go to school. Daniel took a test to enter first grade and with no previous schooling, he tested so high that they put him in 2ndgrade and he was able to catch up and finish school with his peers the same age as he! This is one of the reasons why Daniel is so passionate about giving children good, quality education. He is currently the Principal of JCM’s Caracolie Christian School and also directs the worship band for Caracolie Christian Church. Daniel’s biggest dream is to build a solid home for his wife, Fithania and their two children (ages 6 and 1). Part of their home was destroyed during Hurricane Matthew and they have yet to be able to rebuild. We love having Daniel as a neighbor of JCM and a leader among our students and staff. 

Daniel’s Birthday: April 7th